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Welcome to Confederate Memorial Park's Website

It’s been a long time coming,
but we raised the funds for Confederate Memorial Park's Dedication!!

Even The Threat of Hanna Did Not Stop Descendants and Supporters from Honoring Those Who Suffered At Pt. Lookout.

Confederate Memorial Park Has Been Dedicated.
Sprinkled in Holy Water By Fr. Alister Anderson.
Blessed by Rev. Herman White and Pastor John Weaver.
Baptized With Wind & Rain from Tropical Storm Hanna!!

Click here for Details on the CMP Dedication

Click Here for an article in the County Times on the Installation of the Bronze Statue

Click Here for an article in the County Times on the development of CMP

Future Site of CMP

There is a sweet, sequestered spot, where peace and silence reign,
a fair God's acre is the lot, where sleep the Southern slain
... Alice Graham

To: All People Interested in Preserving Southern Heritage

The Descendants of Pt. Lookout Organization's Project

We purchased over three acres of land next to the Pt. Lookout Confederate Cemetery in St. Mary's County, Pt. Lookout, MD. The purpose of Confederate Memorial Park, Inc. is to honor the sacrifices of the POWs (military & civilian of all races, men/women/children) who were imprisoned and who died at Pt. Lookout, MD 1863-1865.

There were over 52,000 imprisoned in Pt. Lookout. Think of all the descendants of these POWs throughout the United States. Hopefully, eventually, all of them will visit the memorial that will be erected to their family members. CMP will be a place where people can visit to learn of unedited, non revised, no-compromise history. It will be a serene, reverent place to visit that teaches and honors the sacrifices of those American POW Veterans, who died in captivity serving their country.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Please take a few minutes to browse the different web pages that we have created to help tell the story about Confederate Memorial Park. If you have any comments about our web site / project, please contact us.

Thanks for stopping by!

Click Here for the Confederate Memorial Park Land DedicationDay!

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Send contributions to:

Jessica Gatton,CMP Inc.,P.O. Box 661, St. Inigoes, Maryland 20684

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