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CMP Work Weekends

The Descendants of Pt. Lookout POW Organization's Project

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CMP Work Weekend: May 13-15, 2005

The majority of our 15 volunteers arrived on Friday. The CMPI Committee had a meeting on the grounds before starting. Plans were discussed, dimensions staked and marked. Metal detecting was completed over the grounds.

The work for the weekend began by Linwood O’Neal delivering the steel re-enforced concrete drain pipe. The new entrance way and corners of the preliminary parking lot were constructed. For the entrance drainage pipe, a trench was manually dug by our crew. A delivery of red Maryland Crushed Run Gravel was spread throughout the entrance way.

That evening, Wade played his guitar and was the center of entertainment as he sang our Pt. Lookout songs and other old time favorites.

Sleeping in tents and vehicles wasn’t comfortable, but our ancestors never had one night’s comfort when they were there. Atleast, early mornings afforded a beautiful pink sky that had a battle flag in the center for us to gaze upon and give us strength, not to mention the beautiful sunsets behind our flag.

Saturday’s lunch was prepared (grilled cheeseburgers & hot dogs) by Nikkie, Joyce and Patricia for the working crew.

Thanks to Grace Pratt for lending her lawn mower w/pull cart and for baking/delivering one of her fabulous chocolate cakes to the site! Thanks to Betty Mann for having a porta potty delivered to the work site! A special thanks to Bob Harris for the use of his tractor and to Aggregate Industries, Premier Enterprises, Inc. and the Mechanicsville Farmers Market for their donations to the work weekend.

A hearty thank-you to each and every person who came out to help. We appreciate every task, no matter how great or how’ll all come together when CMP becomes a reality!

Those who showed up and started major construction on our first work weekend were: Jim Dunbar, Dan Kesler, Billy Buck, Steve DeFreytas, Bob Harris, Charles Harris, Wade Harris, Linwood O'Neal, Nikkie Harris, Joyce Bennett, Grace Pratt, and Patricia Buck!

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CMP Work Weekend: May 25-29, 2006

Ground was excavated, graded, raked, shoveled & compacted for the entire parking lot, as well as the walkway to the statue circle . Brush was burned. Millings was delivered and spread over the filter fabric cloth we had previously set in place. BankRun Gravel was spread for the parking lot. The monument circle has been excavated & fill material graded . Pt. Lookout mementoes will be made at Harmony Farm, from pine logs off the site, to be used as a fundraiser.

A special thanks to Mr. Bubby Knott of Great Mills Trading Post for the donation of his backhoe and milling;Jim Dunbar, for the use of his dump truck, and for the sweat & toiled labor of Jim Dunbar (MD) and Dan Kesler (PA).

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{Photos courtesy of Dan Kesler}

And the Work Continues ...

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{Photos courtesy of Steve DeFreytas}



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