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Confederate Memorial Park: Phase II

The Descendants of Pt. Lookout POW Organization's Project

Phase 2 GoalOnce Phase II is started, it will be broken up into smaller stages, depending which construction will start first. The end result is to make Confederate Memorial Park, a serene/reverent place to visit that teaches and honors the sacrifices of those men/women/children, military/civilian, of all races, who were imprisoned and who died in the Pt. Lookout POW Camp.

Confederate Memorial Park will consist of a POW Statue to honor the prisoners of Point Lookout Prison and landscaping consisting of the CSA state flags / trees / flowers, memorial benches, and plaques. Near the center of the circle will fly atop a 50' pole, the Confederate Battle Flag - the flag these men and women fought for, was imprisoned for and died for. For further details on each stage of Phase II, choose any of the following links:

Currently, we estimate that the park will require approximately $100,000 to construct. The estimate could rise as construction begins, and we will need your help.

The walkway leading to the entrance will be lined with the three CSA national flags, the Bonnie Blue Flag, the National Flag of Scotland, and the Point Lookout POW flag. On each side of the entrance will be placed Maryland’s state and St. Mary’s County flags. In front of these, two stones from the original monument in the Pt. Lookout Cemetery will be placed and inscribed with the meaning of Confederate Memorial Park. The St. Mary's County flag was donated to CMP by Commissioner Larry Jarboe and this flag will fly to honor all the military/civilian men/women/children of St. Mary's County who were imprisoned in Point Lookout as American POW Veterans.

St. Mary's County and Maryland Flag with Stone Plaques

St. Mary's County and Maryland Flag with Stone Plaques

You can help make this part of Confederate Memorial Park a reality more quickly by contributing to this worthwhile project. All donations are tax deductible. Click here to learn how you can contribute to Confederate Memorial Park.

In Their Memory

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