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[I Am Their Flag] [Rev. Herman White's Sermon] [Fr. Alister Anderson's Sermon]

Land Dedication of Confederate Memorial Park by Rev. W. Herman White
June 15, 2003

"This Land Is Our Memorial To Them"

Text: Joshua 4:4--7

We are gathered here today to dedicate this hallowed ground as a memorial to our Confederate ancestors. This piece of ground and the flag under which they charged into the cannon and rifle fire in defense of their homes, as well as their sovereign states, are a monument to these brave warriors. This will provoke questions as to what this park and flag represents. Then they can be told the truth about why these brave men fought, and died, fighting the invading armies of the tyrant Lincoln, and the radical socialist abolitionists that put him in office.

These brave warriors that suffered so outrageously from the cowardly invaders of our beloved Southland. For it did not take courage for those northern despots to war against the civilian population. It did not take courage to starve the POW's they held even though they had no shortage of food supplies. Nor did it take courage to let them freeze to death, or die of pneumonia" etc, even though they had plenty of clothing, blanket~, and tents to give to these defenseless captives. But no---these cowards from Lincoln; Stanton, and “Beast” Butler on, down, chose to degrade themselves even, more, than their imperialistic invasion of the freedom loving people of the sovereign Southern states had already done.

Neither did it take courage for those elitists cultural genocidist bigots at the Veterans Administration to take down the Confederate flag from over our ancestors. One fool that had no idea what that flag stands for complained, and those cowards surrendered to one bigot, or should I say maggot? They do not care that thousands of veterans they supposedly represent would be hurt by their Judas Iscariot betrayal of them. By their actions they have joined in with the bigots who desire to erase every vestige of the CSA.

We hear much across this country about multiculturalism, diversity, and celebrating one's heritage and culture---but all this goes out the window if you are a genuine Christian, and a black or white person that desires to celebrate their Confederate Southern American heritage and culture. These haters of the true Southerners, these carpetbaggers, scalawags, (esp. cowardly politicians, news media, academics, and so-called historians), et al, that join in with the new naacp to claim that the symbols of our Confederate heritage are racist, divisive, and offensive. The only divisiveness is from these radical left-wing socialists. And as to their being offended---SO WHAT? I am offended by their hate filled spewings against our Confederate heritage, and the symbols of that heritage. I am offended by their outrageous ignorance about why the war was fought. I am offended by their refusal to have a factual reasonable discussion about it. But then we need to remember that the Constitution does not protect us or them from being offended.

These same radical left-wing socialists, that rise to the level of fanaticism over any thing Confederate, will support all kinds of outrageous conduct that other groups may claim to be a part of their heritage and culture. These so-called enlightened elitists will vehemently support the murder of innocent unborn babies, and protest the execution of vicious murderers. They promote and celebrate sexual perversion, rap music that promotes the rape and abuse of women, illegal drugs, the murder of policemen, the wearing of awful clothing and symbols that promote violent gangs, etc.

Back to this hallowed ground as a memorial to our Confederate ancestors that suffered and died for the Cause. In the light of all that I have just covered, we should understand the need for this memorial. What is so great about this is that it is immediately next to the resting place of those brave Confederates. It is, and will be, a memorial that will provoke questions. Some child will see this and ask, "What does this mean Daddy? What happened at Point Lookout?" Then they can hear the truth, which is not what they hear in the schools of today, north or south.

The truth can be told about how it was official policy of the federal govt. to treat these brave men in such an ignominious fashion. By design these federal cowards saw to it that these Confederates were malnourished, which resulted in disease and many deaths from this practice. The same is true as to why they purposely with-held clothing and shelter from them. The truth is that they had an abundance of everything needed for these men to have survived ~" their imprisonment. I cannot imagine the outrageous atrocities that the federal cowards committed against these brave and defenseless men. But they suffered this ignominious, cruel, and evil treatment that most civilized people would not inflict on animals. These invaders of our beloved Southland waged an UNJUST war against our ancestors, so I guess it would follow that their actions against defenseless men, women, and children would also be UNJUST, such as burning their homes, (their scorched earth policy).

The yankee carpetbagger editor of our local newspaper was writing about the flag issue in S. C., and said, "The war was over 137 years ago, so get over it." I wrote him and said, "The shooting part may have been over that long, but the war continued. Forever since the shooting stopped, you yankees have been trying to eradicate the culture and heritage of the Confederate Southern Americans. You have been lying about it with very little success until the 1980's and 90's, when the federal govt. essentially got total control of the content of our school's textbooks." Just as the Babylonians were endeavoring to eradicate the Israelie culture of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, whose names were changed to Belteshazzer, Shadrach, Mesheck, and Abed-nego, so they work on Southerners. But these four men had purposed in their hearts that they would not defile themselves. They were not lily-livered cowards like most of the preachers in the church world of today. Unlike our CSA ancestors, these cowards have rejected the Bible as God's holy word, and substituted a humanistic, socialistic, pc message for the real Bible plan of salvation. That is why they coined the phrase, "the new South." And, of course, the new naacp, like the Taliban, jumped onto the CULTURALCIDE EXPRESS, and as the American Taliban, have set out to destroy every thing Confederate. Don't you see the need for this land, for the importance of the Confederate Memorial Park? For that Confederate flag, under which they fought, to be flying here?

In closing, thank God for this memorial ground, thank God for the efforts of Patricia Buck, for Dan, Jim, Billy, and so many others, and the lady that sold the land for the memorial. Thank God for all who have given money, and that will give toward the completion of this project. Thank God that their flag is flying high up on that flagpole. God bless the descendants of the Confederate Southern Americans, and help us to continue the fight to honor our Confederate ancestors, and preserve the heritage and culture they passed on to us. May God bless the memory of these brave men we memorialize today, and God bless you for being here as a part of these activities, which are all about honoring and preserving the memory of these brave men.

So we dedicate this land as a memorial to these brave men forever!!



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